The Hari Hotels

The Hari Hotels


Branding, Strategy and Web Experience

Design Awards x 2

The Hari won numerous awards for design excellence and architecture

The Harilela Group, celebrated for its timeless elegance exceptional hospitality, drew on its rich heritage in hotel ownership and management to embark on a journey toward a unique brand of global hospitality.

They asked us to design a new identity for their 5-star Belgravia hotel in London, while also preparing for the launch of their Hong Kong hotel in 2019. This marks a blend of tradition and modernity in the world of luxury hospitality.

The Hari's essence is deeply rooted in the appreciation of stories and culture, and we've woven into every part of the guest experience. We gradually reveal our brand's story, accompanied by charming hand-drawn illustrations of Hari, our beloved mascot. At different points of interaction, we've connected narratives that echo the hospitality and culture from the Harilela family's heritage, creating a unique and captivating destination for our guests.

We worked closely with the Harilela team in workshops to uncover and define the values and elements that would shape the brand. The outcome was a brand that flawlessly captured the hotel's blend of luxury and tradition, combining old-school wisdom with a modern twist to create an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

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