Little Birdy

Little Birdy


Branding and Web Experience

Ingredients for the coolest chicken joint in town: 100% Aussie chooks, big personality, and a great sense of humor.

Looking to set up shop in Hong Kong, the founders of Little Birdy approached me to establish a brand identity and a digital experience that reflected their kick-ass personality, unique take on healthy food and some cluckin' good vibes.

With a bold colour palette, confident yet cheeky tone of voice, a bank of fresh animations and motion graphics, I created a flexible design system and digital experience befitting of Little Birdy’s fun and cheeky personality towards food, health and chicken.

We brought the project to life by teaming up in brainstorming and co-creation sessions, having a blast, and fearlessly exploring new ideas. It's all about creating a vibe where our concepts, products, and experiences really shine. 🐓😎

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