about With over 15 years of experience spanning design & advertising, Kafai's work playfully intertwines big ideas, brand strategy and pop culture together. Ignited by what-ifs and a simple belief that life is happier well-designed, he’s on a journey to explore new creative possibilities that enrich people's lives.
Hey, I'm Kafai Mak. A Brand Strategist & Creative Director living in Hong Kong. I strategise, brand, advertise and design awesome experiences.

As someone who is constantly curious, I'm always on the lookout for better ways to design, create experiences and build brands with people. Obsessed with learning about new creative disciplines and the infinite possibilities when bringing them together, I've proudly worn many hats, worked across a diverse range of industries & solved some key challenges in tech, f&b, hospitality, luxury, commerce and modern culture along the way.

At the heart of all the curiosity is a passion for building human connection through storytelling that are both narratively rich and strategically on-point. Whether I'm at the keyboard, whiteboard, on set, or leading teams, I always strive for simplicity and to build beautifully.

My background includes launching early-stage start-ups, building design ecosystems, transforming business categories, and creating award-winning brand campaigns for renowned brands.

Curious? I'm always eager for new possibilities.

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WhyWhyTellMeWhy™ is the creative practice of Hong Kong-based brand strategist & creative director Kafai Mak.
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