Branding, Strategy
and Design Systems

41 B2B websites published

53 global markets deployed

50+ products strategised into the design system

$967m worth of products p.a.
rebranded with new Logi Bolt visual identity

In a decisive moment for B2B marketing, we gave Logitech for Business a complete makeover by shedding the old, formal tone and embracing a more engaging and strategic approach. Our goal? To redefine B2B marketing on a global scale.

We revamped the visuals, made the business portfolio user-friendly, and introduced 'Workspace Wins' – Logitech's all-in-one B2B design system. By seamlessly blending captivating storytelling and intelligent design, we brought together what was once scattered and adopted a more people-focused approach.

The strategy to categorize complex technicalities into simple yet emotional storytelling and reintroduced into a color-coded navigation system, not only helped shake tired B2B norms, but also helped improve ease-of-use across 41 websites spanning across 53 global markets, with usability and accessibility tests at their highest performance compared to past results.

Alongside the 'Workspace Wins' platform, we introduced a revamped Options+ – Logitech's software app with over 5.3 million users. We also created a 'Workspace Configurator' to tailor work setups for individuals and designed the identity for Logi Bolt, the company's first enterprise-grade secured wireless connectivity solution.

By interweaving these new products, services, and omnichannel experiences, we established a flexible and agile B2B ecosystem that creating more novel and engaging connections between individuals and businesses. That's what we call a win-win solution :)

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