Studio Series



Branding, Strategy
and Advertising

Addy x 2
Design Awards x 6

4.2B Worldwide Impressions

> 250% Influencer Engagement

+ 169% YoY Growth

+ 68% Increase in Women and Gen Z Sales

+ 51% Growth in Overall D2C

No.1 best selling mice and keyboard in China

Older folks know Logitech, but younger ones aren't as familiar. Enter Studio Series — a vibrant new collection of lifestyle peripherals that mixes bold looks with cool emoji features. We crafted compelling brand campaigns that blurred the line between the physical and digital worlds, and just as expressive as the people we were trying to reach.

Personality That Pops and Own Your Space being the flagship campaigns of Studio Series stands as the pinnacle of Logitech's strategic pivot towards a younger demographic.

Personality That Pops lit up Asia's largest LED screens and eventually found its way to New York's Times Square. It created a big cultural impact, grabbing the attention of prominent media outlets like Forbes, CNN, The Verge, and others. Our worldwide influencer strategy led to a surge of personality-driven user-generated content. It featured personalities gaining global fame through various content types, including social media challenges on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, entertaining AR filters, fashion and beauty videos, original fan music, and even ASMR.


Launched in 2019, Own Your Space marked the debut of both the Studio Series and Logitech in targeting the Chinese market with an innovative product line specifically tailored for this demographic. Focused on design-savvy millennials, the campaign encouraged individuals to unapologetically express themselves, empowering them to claim every inch of their space. It became one of the best-sellers in China and, eventually, across the globe.

Over the span of four years, I helped spearhead a growth initiative focused on reshaping the brand image and establishing connections with a younger demographic. By seamlessly integrating pop culture, apparel brand aesthetics and influencer smarts into the tech space, we not only crafted some of Logitech's most daring campaigns but also successfully repositioned it as a market leader among younger audiences.

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