Branding, Strategy
and Advertising

200% sales expectations in the first month.

9.6% engagement rate (vs. 1% average)

40% Media coverage outside of Tech media (in Home and Lifestyle media - a first for Logitech) in UK and ANZ launches.

As the pandemic reshaped our lives, working from home became the new reality for many of us. But let's be honest, finding a balance between work and home life got trickier.

That's where Casa comes in — the world's first foldaway ergonomic workspace that Camouflages into your shelf when the day is done. Bringing a fresh perspective in the tech space, we captured honest snapshots into days-in-the-life with Casa Pop-Up Desk and strategically launched the campaign through 'Home' media, interior design and work-life balance influencer partnerships.

We embraced an intimate and cozy, fly-on-the-wall approach, capturing inspiring moments bathed in sunlight. This method allowed us to craft a documentary-style campaign, vividly illustrating how Casa can become your new lifestyle companion, seamlessly connecting work, home, and life. In the process, we've raised the bar for WFH experiences.

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