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+146M total impressions in the first 6 months

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8:1 ROAS on conversion assets on Meta

+ 71% increase in Women buyers on Amazon

Ergonomics. Even the word is dusty. In our latest product launch campaigns, we set out to dust off the old, breath fresh life into ergonomics, and ultimately change the way people look at ergo solutions.

By placing real-life stories at the core of our initiative, we crafted two uplifting, user-centered campaigns that delved into the world of comfort, sparking meaningful conversations.

Our latest Feel the Wave campaign introduced a compact, wave-shaped ergonomic keyboard designed for strain-free typing and day-long comfort.

We developed a visual system that captured the cozy sensation people experience when using Wave Keys and extended this feeling across every touchpoint. By incorporating warm, inviting sunlight, 'fit to comfort' typography, and a palette of soft hues, our goal was to convey an enhanced sense of comfort and tranquility.

The Lift Yourself Up campaign, which marked our entry into digital well-being, introduced new audiences to ergonomics though the Lift vertical mouse. We partnered with three real women to understand how they define wellness and how Lift contributed to their comfort.

This campaign underscores that tech products, including ergonomic mice, often disregard women, being designed for larger male hands and seen as 'clunky'. Yet, Logitech is changing this by creating a new vertical mouse for smaller hands.


The campaign initiatives reshaped how we talk about ergonomics, connecting with new audiences through heartwarming stories about personal well-being. We not only highlighted an overlooked category but also celebrated real individuals while infusing the ergonomics field with positivity. This revitalized Logitech's Ergonomic product line, reaching a broader audience and solidifying Logitech's leadership in the category.

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