Heroes Beer Co.

Heroes Beer Co.


Branding, Strategy and Illustration

Heroes Beer Co. has earned numerous gold medals in some of the world's largest beer competitions.

Three passionate beer enthusiasts had a dream: to craft a 'superhero' beer that stands out in the crowded craft beer world. We wanted to help them make this dream a reality by creating a unique brand identity that captures the spirit of their brewery.

To make this happen, we worked closely with the founders in a series of collaborative design workshops. Together, we shaped their vision into a brand identity that truly represents their exceptional beers.

To bring these heroes to life, we had one-on-one interviews to discover their unique beer stories and passions. This empathy-driven approach forms the foundation of our design thinking. We then turned these insights into captivating visuals for each beer. Each hero's tale is told through hand-drawn art, unique typography, and a mysterious backstory that intrigues beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

By building the brand around play and collaboration, the result is a kaleidoscope of fresh and intriguing visual narratives, setting them apart in the beer community. This innovative approach, which empowers 'ordinary' beer enthusiasts to co-create, has given a voice to the underrepresented and resulted in some truly tasty beer heroes being brought to life.

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