Bluebell Group



Branding, Strategy
and Design System

Asia's leading omnichannel brand operator, curator and distributor.

What does it mean to be one of the largest distributors of high end lifestyle brands in Asia? Bluebell Group somehow found itself losing touch with the very reason that led to this pioneering, family-owned business’ success - it’s enduring passion for innovation, luxury and beauty.

Our task was to re-kindle that fire through brand strategy and design, helping re-establish the group’s legitimacy and leadership in high-end brand distribution throughout Asia.

Through well-crafted design thinking workshops, we identified Bluebell's role as the trusted curator of high-end lifestyle brands in Asia - the 'Brand behind the Brands.' This formed the basis for a new, exciting brand ecosystem that positions the company for future success.

Despite being a B2B company, Bluebell Group now proudly stands among the luxury, premium, and lifestyle brands it meticulously curates and shares with consumers across Asia.

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